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iPod Touch Background

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Hi everybody! :)

I haven't been here for a loooong time and to be honest, I rarely mess around with PdN anymore.

But one thing caught my attention: I've got a new iPod Touch (3g 32gb) and like u probably know, you can change the background of the lock screen.



As you can see there are these grey bars at the top and at the bottom. I suppose they work with any kind of transparency because you can still see the actual background image thereunder. I tried to extract the "apple lock screen" how it would look without any background image. I ended up with this:

lockscreen.png (watch it in pdn to see the alpha)

But that "alpha image" just works correct with a white backround. When I put it over a other background image it doesen't look like the output of my ipod. Is there any way to get the "real" screen lock image i can put over a random background image and it always would look like...er...the ipod-way? (x

Here are some screenshots I made from the lock screen with different backgrounds:


(1. all black, 2. all white, 3. image)



.::[ Kiosk Orbs ]::.

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Use the difference blend mode and the alpha mask plugin on the images with the black and white backgrounds. I tried to do this myself with the images you provided and mostly succeeded, but the times on the two phones were different and i'm not skilled enough with Paint.NET to fix that, so I removed it. I guess you could find a similar font as an alternative to doing it the "proper" way.


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