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Need some new Smilies? Here's your chance!

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That was quick! Did you copy them and resize them all yourself? If you did, that's pretty speedy!

I use Firefox and you can download the page which downloads the images. I then used this bulk image resizer that I downloaded where you can right click and then select that option and enter the dimensions. So yeah. :lol:

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Thanks for that. :D

One thing I'm noticing, though, is that, as with any resize, it does loose a little definition.

bigsmile.png vs. bigsmile16.png

I dunno. I wouldn't mind going 20 x 20 if necessary...

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I made them all 2D on purpose. Text is 2D. These are extensions of text.

The 3D ones look muddy to me. I don't really like them.

I also wanted them to look similar, so I went with almost all yellow. I hate animated ones, so I minimized animation. I don't like large ones, so most are 15x15.

Click to play:
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