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How Large Can My Sig Be?

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How Large Can My Sig Be?

My current one hurts my eyes, (Sorry)

And I was wondering how large I am allowed to make sigs.

I looked in the FAQ, searched the forums, etc, and didn't find an answer.


Caution! Above post may contain badly made pictures, or misspelled text! Caution!


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check the orange box above .... Forum Rules. see #15

15) Signature size requirements: The combined size of all images in your signature must not be wider than 500px, nor taller than 150px. There is no specific limit as to the number of lines of text permitted in signatures, as we understand that text can render differently in different browsers, but if you have text in addition to an image of the maximum 150px height, please keep it down to two lines. Ideally, text and images in your signature should be around a 200px combined maximum height.

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