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CyberSpace's Gallery NEW 3/10/2010: Glossy Text


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CyberSpace's Gallery

So I figured I'd make a gallery because I want to show off my work. I'll probably add a header later.

3/10/2010 - Glossy Text

I love making glossy text. This one has the "inner glow" (it's more like inner outline) effect. It also has some diagonal lines in it. I like them. What do you think?


3/9/2010 - Web 2.0 Button

Another Photoshop tut. This one was harder. I like the way it turned out.


3/9/2010 - Vista Folder Icon

Made using this Photoshop tutorial and using some alternate methods for things you can't do in Paint.NET. (My inner glow is a combo of Alpha Mask to invert the image alpha, then outline object to extend it into the image, and gaussian blur to get a "glow." You could probably do the same for and inner shadow.) I know it doesn't really look like the real folder icon in Vista, but I think you can't really tell if it was made in Photoshop or PDN.


Webpage Mockup

This is a mockup for a website I will eventually make.


Lines Thing

Made using this tutorial. My current wallpaper. I didn't put much time into it, and couldn't use random shape fill because it crashes when I open it. Click on it for the fullsize image!



Are you ready?

Glossy Web 2.0 Style Text

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