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Loading two images and then re-sizing the final size.

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I want to create an image that will consist of two photos, side by side with a final pixel size of 995 wide x 291 high. The original photos are 2000 wide x 1000 high.

I haven't been able to work out how to do this, bringing in two images and then resizing the final size as 995x291. When I try and do it, it resizes the individual photos, not the final image.

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Open Paint.NET and resize the canvas so that both images will fit side-by-side.

Image > Canvas Size...

Then import the images.

Layers > Import From File...

Position the images so that they look right, then flatten.

Image > Flatten

Now crop and resize the image.

To crop, make a rectangular selection, then:

Image > Crop to Selection...

Image > Resize...


If each original image is 2000X1000, side-by-side

they will be 4000X1000. 4 to 1.

995 X 291 gives 3.42 to 1, so some cropping or other adjustment will

be needed to make things work.

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