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won't open, wont uninstall

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Psychic powers are low today - give us an idea of what OS and system you're running. If you could post the "fault report" that would be a help.

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Any additional info you can provide may be helpful.

What version of Paint.NET are you dealing with? v.3.36, v.3.5Beta,

v.3.5, v.3.51?

Did this problem develop without apparent cause?

Was it the result of an upgrade install attempt?

Did anything else go wrong on your computer at about the same time?

What exactly happens when you try to open and/or uninstall?

Did a PDN Crash log show up on your desktop?

All we have to go on is the information you provide.

So far that is very little.

The fault report sent by the program is sent anonymously,

so far as I know, so it won't aid in solving this.

We on the forums don't ever see them in any event.

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EventType : clr20r3 P1 : setupfrontend.exe P2 : 3.36.3158.38067

P3 : 48b23e67 P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 4889dc80 P7 : 3580

P8 : 24 P9 : system.io.filenotfoundexception


worked once or 2 then nothing, nothing exceptional

just tried to reinstall and got the same message

Any help?

Basically , how do I get shot of the thing? I'll use something else.

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