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Bugs: Zoom feature

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I think these are bugs. They are certainly unexpected behaviour!

Bug #1

Click on the zoom value (100%), type the number 9 (without the % sign) then use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down. (I am using a Logitech MX620 mouse)

Bug: Zooms to 3200%

Expected: Zooms to 8% or 10% (which is what happens when the zoom starts at 9% and ctrl+scroll up/down performed)

Other values exhibit the same behaviour (e.g. 3 & 44), whilst other values jump to different zoom values, e.g. 1 => 100% (sort of understandable, but not consistent), 2 => 2400%, 4 => 400%...

Bug #2

Click on the zoom value, enter a new value but don't press Enter or any other key. Move the mouse cursor over the image thumbnail in the top-right corner of the screen

Bug: Zoom value applied

Expected: Nothing

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