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Plug-in Replacement for Magic Wand?

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The problem with the Magic Wand is that it rarely if ever surrounds the image without spreading into the other part of the picture.

I would like to be able to border off odd shaped images from the rest of the background or other surrounding things on a particular picture like the Magic Wand is supposed to.

I assume there is a plug-in that is more effective that will address my problem. I tried searching for a plug-in but couldn't find one.

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Yeah I tend to adjust Magic Wand to 35% tolerance when I'm trying to pick out a certain region. Segment Image might be able to help you with this as well, link is below. I suggest starting with a moderate number of regions (around 10-20) and setting the bias to 0.75. You'll want to copy the image onto a new layer before running the plug-in, make the selections there, and then toggle the visibility of the segmented layer to see how well it's fitting. Use Magic Wand at tolerance 0% to select the segmented regions, hold Ctrl while clicking to select multiple regions together.

Segment Image : Average Color (HSL) : Eigen Blur : []

Cool, new forum!

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