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NormalMapPlus v1.0

Simon Brown

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3 hours ago, MJW said:

So far, my new version doesn't crash for me. Perhaps some change I made happens to avoid the problem (or perhaps not).


The updated CodeLab version does not crash for me.

Because the crash in the original code is caused by a bug in the JIT compiler even a slight change to the Render method may avoid the problem.

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Hello MJW!


"I finally found time to complete my changes to the CodeLab implementation of Normal Map Plus."


Thank-you for taking time to work on this!


"The goal was to fix the edge-line artifacts when the zoom level doesn't show the entire image"


I've tried to reproduce that zoom-in glitch with your new version & have been unable to trigger it. You seem to have succeeded in your goal to eliminate that bug. :)


"but I'm also interested in whether by some chance it fixes the crash."


I can also confirm that your new version does not crash on first calling the effect (that Net Framework 4.7 issue).


Interestingly, as well as correcting the artifacts on zoom bug, you've also managed to fix another issue NormalMapPlus had that was possibly related.

Upon using NormalMapPlus previously there were slight but noticeable horizontal artifacts over the finished normal image.




Old version & the artifact lines are most noticeable around the outer edge, I've circled some.




Your new version has no such artifacts.




Old version produced a noticeably fuzzier image, probably due to those artifact lines. I've highlighted an area to compare but you can see it over the whole image when compared to the new version image below.




New version is overall sharper looking.


I also noticed the normal produced is slightly to the left of the one produced by the old version, I remember you mentioning something about a pixel difference in positioning in an earlier post.


47339251_comparenmp.jpg 47339287_comparenmp-old-nmp.jpg 47339274_comparenmp-new-nmp.jpg


Here 's the image I tested with (left) plus the normal made with the old version of NormalMapPlus (middle) & your New Update (right).

Your new update produces a sharper, tidier normal.


"I made quite a few changes, and I haven't had time to do a thorough test, so nothing is guaranteed."


It did catch me out that updated NormalMapPlus was no longer located in the Effects - Stylize section but at the bottom of the Effects pull down. :D


I use this plugin all the time so will test it further as well as in game & report back any significant findings but so far it looks like a serious improvement.


Thank-you kindly for great work on this!



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Thank you very much, Prensa, for your feedback, and especially for your clear illustrations and explanations. I wouldn't have been able to figure out what was going on without your previous comment.


I'm not completely certain what caused the "blurring:" artifacts, but like you, I presume it was related to the edge-line artifacts. The one-pixel shift corrects a small problem with the old version, where the derivative was computed for the pixel to the left of where it should be. Now the derivative is centered on the pixel.

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On 7/7/2017 at 3:59 AM, Red ochre said:

I didn't even know it was possible to use structs in codelab!


I'm going to add support for "user defined" Types to CodeLab's intelligent assistance.

In other words, when you create a custom Type (class, struct, enum, ect.), you'll get auto complete, tooltips, and highlights.


Sorry for going off topic, but I wanted to address this. :roll:

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@MJW how about publishing your version of NormalMap+ in a new thread? Then we can lock this thread.

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Trying to create work for me at the end of the month eh? I'm watching you MJW - you're a crafty one trying to sneak into the August edition of the Plugin Index :mrgreen:


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