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[ANSWERED] Searching for a specific, prexisting plugin

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Hello! I'm looking for a plugin that I've used before, but I believe was removed from my Paint.Net when updating. This probably means that it's not available in the newest version, but I would like to bookmark it to check for updates.

As for the plugin, the best way I can describe it is as a tile maker. I know that it isn't "Tile Image" or "Tile Reflection". The plugin did not add any visual effects besides allowing me to create a tiled version of the original picture. I believe that it wasn't "Tile Image", because, with "Tile Image" the picture became squashed and lost its quality. There was some sort of slider also in the original plugin, that moved it from side to side and up and down. Its effect would give me something like the attached files.

Of course, I've done these manually (by reference of a private picture that I had used the effect on). As you can see, the plugin picks up the picture from where it left off on one edge and continues it on the opposite side.




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