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Adding text to transparent layer is not visible???!!!

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I have built a new layer. Made a giant eraser and made the entire layer invisible.

Added an image and made it's background transparent.

Now I want to add text. I can add text and position the text, but I cannot see the text.

I set the forecolor to black and that has not helped.

My intent is to make a permanent transparent layer with the company logo / name.

Then when I make a new image I can add that layer on top of the first layer for my application banners.

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look over the layers window. if you can not see the layers window top line (window>reset locations)

good rule of thumb for text it should always be done on its own layer.

and for good measure make your text on the very top layer.

hope that helps if not it would help us help you if you upload a screen shot ..... most likely its something really easy to remedy. just can't picture it in my head from your description.

ciao OMA

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you are very welcome. even though it was something minor I bet you found it was so totally frustrating. :oops: I got caught the same way right after I upgraded. we used to have the marching ants for selections and the movement always caught my eye. I didn't realize (actually forgot) that would be changing with the upgrade. egg on face for me. :roll: we've all had those moments .

glad to see you are off and running now with your project.

come by more often

ciao OMA

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