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Switching between layers

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Hi Guys,

I checked the help section and could not find the answer to my question. I'm new to Paint.net (my first paint program). I'm used to an older TurboCAD program and the transition to a paint program is somewhat confusing. Also, so you know what you're dealing with, I am by no means an artist. I'm in the process of redrawing the flight panel gauges of FSX at a higher resolution. I've done a couple of the easier ones but am having some issues with the more complex ones.

There are several degree tick marks and windowed areas around the circumfrence of the gauge I am currently working on. What I'd like to do is use a layer to draw some concentric circles and also lines eminating from the center of the gauge. Then I'd like to use this layer as a guide to draw in the elements of the gauge on a second layer. Then I want to remove the first layer leaving just the gauge element drawn in the second . Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to switch between layer so that I may remove the first. What am i missing?

Sorry if this is am Ubernoob question but I am an Ubernoob to all of this.

Thanks for your time,


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I guess I need stronger glasses. I must have looked through the menu bar three times. Then i post the question, go back for one more look a viola, there it is. :roll:

I'll try to make the next question a little more difficult if I can.

Till then "See ya"


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