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Feature wished: Visual brush size selector

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Though I am new to PaintNet, this is something that I was wondering too.

Would it be possible, when the "Brush" is selected, that a slide control, could be active all the time, at any

zoom setting, enabling you to increase or decrease the brush size on the fly, allowing it to shrink or grow in real time...



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@KEJA: I've edited your original post to sort out the image tags you used.

Just use the IMG tags when you want to show an image, the URL tags are for creating links. No need to use both in this case :wink:

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Ahhh yes, I see what you mean, but I would not mind, if when zooming in,

the brush size shrunk as i went and the reverse being applied as I zoom out.

With the setting then staying where it is once I am back at my original

view size... Just having the brush size altered to always be within the screen boundaries

so I can see it, is probably what I am trying to describe.

Does that make sense...

Not to worry though, PaintNet is an unbelievable program and is just perfect for the

things I do..


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