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[SOTW 28] Vehicles - The winner is...

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Signature of the Week

The Theme is: Vehicles

Yy10, winner of SOTW 27, has chosen this weekly challenge, create a signature featuring a vehicle of some kind. Be creative, despite my picture, this doesn't just limit you to cars!

Congratulations Massive_frog2, our winner with 15 votes total! Coming in second with 10 votes is pipp92, and in third we have Aislin with 7 votes.

Thanks everyone who participated. :)

The deadline for this competition is 23:59 (23:59pm) (EST) on Wednesday, November 19th.

To see the current time in EST to compare it with your local time, click here (WorldTimeServer.com).

Check the SOTW Rules!

If your entry breaks any of the rules it will be disqualified.


  • [*:3q54ezl1] Max sig dimensions follow the board's max sig dimensions, 500x150.
    [*:3q54ezl1] No crude / offensive language, pics, et cetera.
    [*:3q54ezl1] Sig must follow the set theme.
    [*:3q54ezl1] Only one entry per person and no modifications to your image are allowed after submitting your entry.
    [*:3q54ezl1] You must post the URLs to any and all stock images used in your sig.
    [*:3q54ezl1] You are allowed one post in this topic. That post should include your sig, links to your source images, and, if you feel so inclined, a Newegg giftcard for me. Placeholders (empty-posting now, editing in a link to your sig later) are not permitted.


This thread is for posting your entries only!

If you wish to talk about one of the entries you can do so here.

If a comment or other non-entry post is mistakenly made in this thread, it will be moved without penalty to the discussion thread. Just don't be surprised when it magically jumps over there. :wink:

Good luck all, and thanks for participating! :D

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Render: Direct link and a link to the Planet renders page

Iw wasn't a great render but I got bored looking for a decent one.

Just realised I haven't actually posted the sig:


Direct link to sig

BTW, everyone, don't limit yourselfs to cars. I have only seen one other non-car sig in the thread.

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here is my entry. I used an image as example, but the final image is 100% PDN (made with graphic tablet) so it is handdrawn, nothing copy/past past work. First I drew the sketch for the bike, I colored it on an other layer - more layers for shadows/highlights + a lot of gaussianblur.

the Image I used as an example:


EDIT: sorry for the edit, here is a link where you can see the PDN version... Altho I merged some layers down by accident, lol.. have fun looking at it :wink: http://www.vincentvoois.com/aislin/motor.pdn

My final sig:


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