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Recolor Tool Problem

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I've been having problems with the recolor tool in PDN and since it hasn't been fixed in the update, I thought I'd post it again here. To describe one of them, It would seem that there's a threshold for the tolerance that it won't cross. Raising the tolerance should widen the range and effectiveness of the recolor tool to the colors it can target, but even at 100% there will be colors that it won't touch as if it was set at a partial gradient. An example would be to take the Gradient tool, make a gradient from black to white. Then set your primary color to 50 V grey, right in the middle, keep your secondary color as white, and set your Tolerance to 100%. If you try to recolor the whole picture I encounter 2 different recolor problems.

A. The recolor tool will only affect about half the gradient, the gray beyond about the half way point will not be darkened like the gray before it and a clear boarder between the effected darkened gray and the lighter original gray will appear dividing the gradient in about half. Because of this, it appears that 100% is really something like 50% of the absolute possible max threshold between two colors.

B.The recolor tool acts like a spray can. Since the primary color is 50V gray and the secondary is white, the white at one of the ends of the gradient should turn into 50V gray, Instead, the white is recolored 50V gray for one frame of the recolor, but the moment another frame passes *you either move the recolor tool even a pixel or release the recolor* The tool considers the image in it's zone *the white that is now 50V gray* if it was the original picture and acts again so it gets a second coating and turns to black. The shorter version, The recolor tool effects the original picture multiple times when it is moved rather than uniformly giving one 'coating' while the button is held down.

The picture demonstrates this, the top half is the gradient, and the bottom half is the gradient recolored like above with the tool sweeping over the entire second half with 100% tolerance.


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With PdN v3.5 Final on Windows XP.

With settings as you describe, pure white is recolored as pure black.

Even one RGB number off from pure white recolors as gray.

It seems to recolor at these settings in a very close match to

painting 50V gray on a new layer with a difference blend mode.



With a pure red to pure blue gradient, secondary R128-G000-B128

and primary as pure green, it recolors as a gradient up to 64% tolerance.

65%tolerance and up it recolors as pure green.

It does not correspond to a difference blend mode in this case.


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