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Bug - Rectangle select, move selection then move pixels

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I just updated to the official 3.5 version and have immediately come across a weird bug.

It relates to using the either the Rectangle or Circle select, followed by resizing the selection using the 'Move Selection' tool, followed by switching to the 'Move Selected Pixels tool and trying to resize using maintaining the aspect ration (by holding the Shift button while resizing).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Paint.NET (v3.5)

2. Choose the 'Paint Bucket' :PaintBucketTool: tool and fill the entire canvas black

3. Choose the 'Rectangle Select' :RectangleSelectTool: tool

4. Make a rectangle selection, anywhere on the canvas

5. Choose the 'Move Selection' :MoveSelectionTool: Tool and change the size of the selection

6. Now, switch to the 'Move Selected Pixels' :MoveTool: Tool

7. Holding the [shift] key, now try and resize the selection (maintaining the aspect ratio)

Expected result:

When you make a rectangle selection and then change the size of the selection, when you switch to the Move Selected Pixels tool and hold the shift key, it should revert to the aspect ratio of the initial selection (before you started resizing) and only adjust that selection.

Observed result:

While the aspect ratio of the initial selection is maintained, and it appears that you are changing the initial selection, the pixels from the resized selection are removed from the canvas.

Try holding the shift key and continually changing the selection size, you will see the final resized selection as a blank space in the canvas.

This now has the result of deleting the final selection as well as resizing the initial selection - which is different from the behaviour pre-3.5 and I believe constitutes a bug.

I can provide some screenshots demonstrating the issue, if this cannot be reproduced on other systems.


Additional Info:

OS = Windows XP Professional - SP3



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