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Random window position when right-click opening?

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Hi, first post here -- sorry to start with a problem with an otherwise fine (and free!) program, but here it is. I have a widescreen monitor and thus don't want any of my windows maximised; rather, I prefer for each program window to appear wherever I damn well tell it to! However, although Firefox sticks nicely to the left side of the screen, filling to top and bottom, Paint.net seems to have trouble with this. If I open it by right-clicking on a picture and using "Open with"*, or in Win7 by opening one of its recently-used files in the Start Menu, the window appears at random coordinates on the screen (though its size is unchanged, and its vertical coordinate only changes if it's smaller than the height of the screen). Opening Paint.net normally from the Start Menu doesn't seem to affect the position, it's just opening the program with an existing image that seems to make this happen. What am I doing wrong? This happened with the previous version of Paint.net, and has happened in both 64-bit WinXP and 64-bit Win7...

(* I don't know how to make right-click and "Edit" default to Paint.net rather than plain old MS Paint in Win7, but that's a different kettle of fish and something I'll research separately...)

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Paint.Net Bug!

The position of the main window and all other floating panes are stored in the Registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paint.NET). There is no difference when opening with arguments (pictures) or not. Maybe Programmers have a reason why this is this way not the other.

My advice: Check the shortcut. Some shortcuts have configured to open main windows maximized, minimized (Run option).

Apple rules. Microsoft rules. Paint.Net rules. God Bless America.

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