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Feature request: Smoothness or damping scroll

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Hi, I really like your program. An option I want to have in next version is "Smoothness" or "Damping" option like illustrator or corel painter. Its algorithm may be call "Dynadraw", you can see sourcecode and sample at http://processing.org/exhibition/works/dynadraw/.

I hope this will implement in next version, so everybody can draw with mouse easily.

Thanks for reading.

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Want new features? Write them to this http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32567 post.

Wrong. A new post is just fine being that the linked thread is not an official thread.

@Passiondraw: Could you provide example pictures of what you are talking about? From the sounds of it, the feature may be easy to fulfill with just a plugin.


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