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Making a danish-translation of Paint.NET?

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I want to make a danish translation of Paint.NET, but how do I do that?

I have found the language-files (C:/programs/paintnet/PaintDotNet.Strings.3) and have open the file in notepad, but there must be an easier way to translate the file. Do any one here know a tool or something else which can be used to translate paint.NET to other languages?

When I have succeed with the translation, then it will be free for everyone, like the rest of Paint.NET.

with regards

Klaus Ankerstjerne


(I have made a danish paint.NET-tutorial, if you are interested, then look at this link:

http://www.aigis.dk/it/paintnet/paintnetguide1.html )

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Did you open the .resources file in Notepad?

If so, you're going at this the wrong way. You should download the .resx file that Rick has posted on the forum.


That is an xml file which you can edit more easily. After you edit it, you need to get ResGen.exe and use it to compile the .resx file into a .resources file. And you should also do the B, i, u images and the About dialog.


Check there for some information.


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@Ankerstjerne: read through the stickied threads at the top of the Localization section.

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