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Paint.NET v3.5 is now available!

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Great job, thanks for all the hard work.

One issue I have though, the paintbrush tool responds really slowly - it's really jerky to draw with it. Whereas the pencil tool is not jerky at all.

I tested the paintbrush tool on the 3.36 version and it's fast, 3.5, it's slow... why?

I'm running Windows 7 RC1 32bit, Core2Duo T5600, 3GB RAM.




I was doing a little more testing. I have a Tablet PC. I found that the paintbrush tool is not jerky when I use the touchpad, but it is jerky if I use my wireless mouse or my stylus. However, with version 3.36 I could use my wireless mouse and my stylus and it was not jerky at all.

I have the same issue not only with the paintbrushes, but with PDN in general. The paintbrush feature lags big time and the bigger the image I'm working on, the more it lags. I can't work carefully with details with it because it bounces around while it lags too. Not only that, but when I leave my PDN alone for more than 30 minutes or so, it tends to go into this 'semi-freeze' state and causes all my other open programs to go into it as well, thus slowing down my whole computer. All my other programs work nicely and fast, but PDN is the only one that lags when I work on it. It was doing all the freezing before I upgraded to v3.5, then when I upgraded, the lagging of the paintbrush feature started too. I'm too busy to take time to check each plugin I added in the past, so I ended up just uninstalling PDN and reinstalling it, but it did no good because I have the same issues with a fresh copy of it as well. Only difference was that I lost all the plugins and color palettes I had saved when I uninstalled it. Now I have to start over. Any idea if the paintbrush lagging/slow issue will be fixed?

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If you're working with BIG images (1900*1200), Gaussian Blur is extremely slow. It takes more than half a minute to render a simple yellow dot.

Why would you render a simple yellow dot? :?:

What CPU are you using? Big images simply take a lot of time to process, especially with a large value for 'radius'.

If it's slower than 3.36, then that's what I'm most interested in hearing about. Gaussian Blur's code didn't even change between 3.36 and 3.5.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Oh WoW - It's just like Christmas - a new toy - v3.5 :D

Thank You Rick (a.k.a. Santa) and all his helpers.

One minor problem for me so far though - I can't get the view menu to stay at "thumbnail" - it always goes back to List :(


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I really dig a lot of the new features and the new design.

My one caveat (though maybe this is just me): the new version seems to be slower than the previous version when working with very large images (in particular, 5100x3300). In the older version there was always a long delay between performing an action and actually seeing the results when dealing with really huge images, but this delay seems to have extended significantly with the new version.

I've found the same thing too - in fact its locked my meagre work machine for 10 minutes a few times, so badly i've had to re-start the machine, and I'm only pasting hi-res screen shots.

I've had to get around it by using a screen grabber as a go- between.

Sometimes I get an error from Paint.Net that the image in the clipboard is not a usable image!

A good freebie (that does not need installing!!! (USB drives / work machines etc no problem)

is MW Snap3

refining the grab and copy/paste seems to work again.

pity -this worked directly from a screen shot in 3.36 without a hitch.


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love the new version, and the new icons. Thanks everyone who worked on the new version for their effort. But why did some plugins(like smudge) not transfer to the new version?


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I went to open paint.net last night and it ask me right off if I wanted to upload the new verison.. So I did. NOW .... My highlight/Recovery under adjustments is GONE ! I need it back. I dont know what happen to it. How can I get it back ? I tried to download the Tanels Photo and color Plugins , but it is not downloading ! Please Help me soon ! I have pics to edit and cant without my hightlight/recovery . :(

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@Iluvpaintnet It moved to Effects > Photo sub-menu.

So the selection in v3.5 is solid line I am just wondering why it wasn't dash line or dotted line ( I don't mean moving ants line but static dash or dotted line), could be that hogs more cpu than solid line or it isn't possible to have that, it is a minor issue anyways thanks a million Rick and every one for the update.

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