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Speech And Thought Bubbles

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Hy Everyone!

I'm new here, but use paint.net in everyday life often as my primary image editor and some basic stuff, i can't contribute here with some cool stuff cause i don't know all that much.

I have a need for (subject): "Speech And Thought Bubbles" to add to some photos. It would be great to add some thought to some family photos before i burn the gallery on dvd.

Here is an example what i think of:


If possible, is there any plugin for this, or can some1 be nice to put a few steps in respons so that i can make them easily?

It would be great to add some cartoon-like bubbles with "WTF?!" "BLINK-BLINK" "B)" to photos.

THX in advance


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Installed: BoltBaitPack.zip

Installed: custom brushes mini

I have read tutor from your post above and made one ugly bubble.

I didn't yet understand your advice for using custom brushes

I will explore how to make such a nice bubble as in my 1. post. How wonderfull it would be that there is such a plugin with like ...10 bubble items and just add them trough a new layer on your photo, wich you can resize etc,..and before adding the bubble input text (that can scale)

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