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I don't know the "name" of this effect... an how to make it

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Um... there's only one image there.

The junction between D and E is brighter - I assume that is what the OP means by "lighter".

If this is the case then Sarkut's link to the gradient tool :GradientTool: is the one to look at. In particular the radial gradients.

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I'm not so sure it's a gradient tool job - the logo doesn't have a straight or radial fade, so a new layer must be used instead.

So, I would:

Open your image

Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: and name it Highlight

Fill Highlight with white :PaintBucketTool:

Press F4 (to get to the layer adjustments dialog) and lower the layer's opacity so that the white becomes gray-ish

Then cut out everything you don't want from the new Highlight layer using the lasso tool :LassoTool: / or Cutting Out Images Tutorial or Alpha Masking (search any one of these terms to learn more about hem)

And that should do the trick.

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make a layer on top and use WHITE to make a line running from edge to edge on the image and make it curved using the nubs then draw lines to join that to the edges of the image and get the paint bucket tool, set the number thingy in just above the image to 65 and fill in the left half then go to the layers window and go to the top layer's properties and make it translucent to the degree you want, hope i helped.

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