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Grid Game 2


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I added 8F


Apparently the boat wasn't made for lava. :)

Reserved spots were deleted per flip's request. For whatever reason the cave background color got darker from the time I started working on mine 1 or 2 images ago? I changed it to match, but just wanted to mention I'm not sure what happened. (I still think E4 is a great square it doesn't need to be changed just moved...)

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I have a question...why would you limit the color amount to 256, but require everyone to save as a PNG? A medium-high quality JPG would cut down file size by at least half, and still retain the colors perfectly since there are so few.

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Weehee, it's finally there!!

The long awaited update and revival for this old and loved thread, the Grid Game!

As flip instructed me to launch the new grid, I procrastinated a bit until I decided to actually do it :P

So here you go, I welcome you to the Grid Game 2:


Feel free to add, and add as diverse as possible, so we don't end up just having to do sky and water in the end :)


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