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Grid Game 2


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Here's how the game works. There's a grid under this text right as I speak. All you have to do is add on to one of the green, or purple squares. Here are some rules, though.

- Only do one square at a time.

- If you're filling in a square next to one that has already been done, try to make it a smooth transition.


- Once a lot of squares have been done, try to find the color you need in the picture already, because we can't have over 256 colors.


Let's start!



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I have an idea. How about making a list of people who are doing a square and which tile they have? That way there won't be duplicates and no-one has to feel bad. :)

If possible, I'd like to take the square under the centre piece.

E: like here

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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If you don't need more than 256 colours, then why not use GIF? :?

If you use 3 colors in mspaint and save it as a GIF, it could turn out like this:


PNGs please.


Left for the center picture

Um, add it on to the actual picture. I'll do it for you this time, though. (By the way, nice cliff.)


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I think, in the main post, you should post the exact dimensions of each square, so people don't have to go through retrieving that information themselves each time.

The dimensions of each square is 66x66 pixels. I too, think this should be put in the main post.

Nice one. Really good cliffs. I can't do cliffs.



That was my first piece of pixel art ever! or was that directed at Yellowman?

Love your addition though!

Will add my second one when I get home.

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