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Suggest a Night Vision plugin

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1. Set your image to black & white

2. Create a new layer and fill it green

3. Set the new layer to overlay.

It turned this:


Into this:


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i would like to request a new plugin kinda like night vision or whatever

the picture is taken at night in the sahara desert and i would like to get it in nightvision

The suggestions above are very good, but you could also try this: Flyswatter Plugin.

I've also edited your title to be more specific as per [rule=6]Rule #6[/rule]

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I like the addition of the noise, because that would actually happen. The horizontal lines also very true to form. I would recommend blowing the lights (i.e. highlights in the picture) out of proportion when it comes to brightness. Night vision is not a linear technology. It works through the photoelectirc effect where a photon hits some type of metal that I cannot remember off the top of my head and that metal releases electrons. These electrons hit more metal and a cascade of electrons is sent down to a CCD or CMOS chip. Now that is a lot of babble basically meaning that the brighter the object in the picture, the WAY brighter to result will be. It is an exponential regression, I think, it one was to plot it on a grid with the RGB value being a function of the photon count.


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