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Lets make this! - Cause Paint.net is better than photoshop

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ok i saw this on youtube earlier:

And its awsome. I would love to create something like that. Now i have dabbled in planet/spacescapes with paint.net but nothing like that! I am wondering can this be done in paint.net?

Firstly the author seems to use stock images for the planet and a cloud thing. Which is then worked up on.

Secondly - that astroid belt! I think the author is using brushes. Does paint.net support brushes? If so how do i get em?

So i think, as a collective, we could make that picture. So this thread isnt spam, or a requesgt thread, but more of a place for us as paintnetters to try and have a collective aim, share ideas and knowledge to create that space scape.

good or bad idea?


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