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I've never seen a rugby game before. That game was invented in Australia right? :?

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And I've just taken Lance' off my friends list after that remark about wanting the Scum to win the premier league :lol:

It's between Chelsea and Arsenal IMO

:lol: Second time I have irritated Welshblue with wanting Manchester United to win. BTW, I don't follow the Premier League anyway! I said that just to rub it in. :lol:

As for the F1, I don't like racing car, period. Ditto for NASCAR, which was invented by a bunch of moonshine bootleggers to soup up their cars so they could outrun police during the '20s, and I find the sports extremely boring. Who in their right mind want to spend 3 hours watching their beloved drivers racing around the same track? Mind numbing.

Speaking of mind numbing, how about watching bowling? Jeez, do they really need commentators for those? :roll:

Don't get me started on pro golf..geez whiz...who cares about golf anyway? Putt putt is way more fun.

Edit: I once watched a game called Gaelic Football. Anybody seen it? It looks like a combination of football, rugby, volleyball, and football. Strangest game I have ever seen.

Edit 2: Corrected Celtic Football to be more accurate. Interesting game actually.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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OOhhhh! The Colts had "grinder" game against the 49ers. Addai threw the winning TD! GO COLTS !!!

Addai was QB???

This was a trick play they have been working on for the running back to throw.

Is it me --or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?

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One of Germany's national goal keepers comitted suicide some days ago.

I'm not that much into soccer/football so it doesn't affect this much,

but the media went crazy about it. About 10,000 people at the funeral, + his daughter died 2 yrs ago, his wife broke into tears on tv, phew..

I bet the media loved it.

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