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Several Plugin Downloads appear to be down, return errors

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Hi, this is my first post on this forum. It seems like a number of plugin

downloads aren't working, return 'unknown error' link to .php of 0 bits.

Other ones work, almost all are recent, since Sept/Oct. 09, no, it's not

browser, is this common? Any work around, best time to call etc. ">)).

Thanks for clues.


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Can you give us some plugin names?

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Hi Ego,

Sorry, stupid of me, e.g. align object plugin and dpy's plugin pack with the circle, metalize, perspective etc. seemingly dated last two days, there's another one, or may be one of these, that simply kicks up a warning about an unsigned certificate website, the url is ru, whereas e.g. all of Madjik's seem to download just fine.

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