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First design in a long time.


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Hi everyone.

I used PDN a long time ago before I moved on to Photoshop and I have been using that ever since. Although now my computer is sent away for repairs so I am stuck here with my dads laptop with 520MB of RAM so there's no chance of running PS now xD. So I thought that I should give good ole' PDN a chance again :)

I do a lot of web designs on my free time and I wanted to try and make one in PDN. Now because of computer limitations and because It takes time to get used to PDN again, the design I made is not very complex but it still looks pretty decent in my humble opinion :wink:

*Note that the tribal designs are not made by me*


Tell me what you think about it please.


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And yet another lovely gallery I've missed! :) I love the design, it looks very sleek and well-made. You stuck to the colour scheme well; if I tried just to use two main colours, I'd add ina little blue, then some yellow, maybe a drop of brown, and before you know it, the dark, moody website is a rainbow. :D

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I don't know. I like sticking with as few colors as possible for my designs but it all depends on what it is used for :D

And I already have the white color in there so if I would like to, I could stuff in some more white as well :D

Thank you.

And do you have a portable edition? Because I couldn't get it to run AT ALL on this computer :S


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