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Putting One Picture Inside Another

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do you know the inside dimensions of the frame?

and do you know the size of your picture?

basically what you will need to do is resize the picture to correct size (with paint.net) to fit inside the frame. and save it in your pictures file in documents.

resizing along top is file edit view image clik that one then clik resize.

fill in the approprite boxes.

next open the frame can you see the checker box in the middle of the frame? if not wand it at 0% tolerance and use the sissors to cut it out.


along top next to the image is the word layers clik there

import from file simply matter of finding your saved resized picture.

it will import on a layer above the frame now you just have to move that layer down under the frame.

you may need to use the move pixels arrow to shift the picture layer around to line up within the frame.

ciao OMA

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