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Mouse cursor snaps back to the canvas.


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On 3.36, when I select the Text tool ('T') and attempt to move the mouse off the canvas (and over a floating tool window, the status strip, or the tool strip) it snaps back onto the canvas at a random (x,y). If I attempt to move it off the canvas near the same location a 2nd time, then it'll snap back the the same (x,y). If I attempt to move it off the canvas in a new location, it'll snap back to a new random spot.

If I move the mouse very fast, then I can "breach" this invisible snapping boundary and do useful things (like select other tools, change font sizes, or navigate to these forums).

If this is a feature, could someone tell me how to turn it off? It is extremely annoying (to the point of reverting to mspaint for editing).

EDIT: This behavior depends on the selected tool. The Selection tool never exhibits this behavior, but the Text and Move Pixels tools always do.

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I had a problem with the pointer a while ago, happened when I updated to 3.36, but mine was totally different than what you described.

I solved by chaining the mouse options:

Control Panel> Mouse> Pointers Options tab > Snap To,

I just unchecked the Snap To option, then everything went well.

Give it a try.

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First, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately, I tried your suggestion, but it didn't affect the behavior of the program.

In lieu of anything else to type, I'll try to provide a repro:

1. Create a new image.

2. Press 'S' for the selection tool.

3. Move the mouse from the canvas to the menu and back. Notice that is works like any other Windows program.

4. Press 'T' for the text tool.

5. Slowly move the mouse from the canvas to the menu. Notice that the cursor "skips" or "rubberbands" or "snaps" back to a point on the canvas.

6. Rapidly move the mouse towards the menu. Notice that the cursor is successfully moved to the menu.

Now, I am using Windows XP on VMware Fusion. I don't think that it being virtualized matters, but I've read on other issues that Paint.NET does some manual cursor drawing -- maybe it also does some special positioning for "fine detail" work (like slowing or snapping the cursor for pixel-by-pixel activities).

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