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How to remove cropped image from white grid...

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So, maybe it's a dumb question, but i finally cropped this jagged image, and i have removed what i don't want, but now i'm left with a white grid which i can't seem to get rid of. Even after i save the image, the grid stays with it. This is a round image within a square image, i want to take the image out of the square grid. Anyone who could help, i greatly appreciate it.

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That pattern you see, represents transparency. When, you view the file online or somewhere else it won't have that checkerboard pattern.

I can only have the image, it has to be in the shape that i cut it to be, it doesnt matter that the grid lines disappear, i need the whole thing to disappear and only have exactly what i cut out of the picture. ya know what i mean, it's not transparent, it's actually showing as a white square behind a circular image.

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