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The Beachparty


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Welcome to the Beachparty! I am afraid summer is over -

But we can still be inside, waiting for the next to come :D

And while we're waiting we can make the coolest beachparty at the beach under:


At the beach it will come many cool atractions -

You see, at The Alfredo it ones were a Pixel World -

But it never got very big, so now i'm trying to make a new world, well, not a world this time. This time it's a beach.

So come on guys! Are we going to party or not? :lol:

Submits so far:

- Bananskallet: Babes with parasol

- Rubrica: Sharkfin

- OneMoreLevel: Palm


- No pornograpic pieces

- Not to big!

- Only pixelart

- Have fun :D

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Ooh, I'm intrigued. I'll start working on something soon.

One thing; there are a few errors in the base, not huge ones, just little slip ups. As well, I'd advise using highlights and less black outlines.

Also, can we enter more than one piece?

Also, I hope we'll be doing a winter wonderland. ;)

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