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Pixel Competition Discussion - Competition 2 Discussion


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Well, cubism is quite easy, so it's the perfect theme to get started with! Even if you don't win or even come close (though I'm sure you will (as soon as you stop commenting on my gallery, the flattery stops. :D)), the main purpose of these competitions is to raise awareness of the art form.

So far, we've failed at that.

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Two words for you; I'm interested. VERY interested. I considered going that route.

Incidentally, I really must look up Tron somehwen; all I've heard about it is the papercraft of Tron I made. Might not even be the right Tron.

Anyway, My entry isn't doing too well. I've got some very difficult shading to do. Difficult for me, that is. A genius like you would find it no problem.

At least my cupcake is nearly done.

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