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how to change webdings or dingbats to color

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As I understand it webdings, dingbats and wingdings are considered fonts in windows. They are normally black.

I have used the "fill bucket" to change the color on the webding but instead the whole background changes color.

I tried using Arial fonts and changing the color of only 1 letter of a word. Example: "name". Change the "a" to a different color. The whole background changes instead of one letter. I tried using the mouse to highlight the letter but couldn't seem to do it.

I think webdings would work the same way since they are considered fonts.

Appreciate suggestions.

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Try to magic wand outside of the webdings or dingbats, and then use keyboard short cut, ctrl+I, to invert the selection. Select your color of choice, and fill bucket it.

Alternatively, one of our moderators have developed a plugin for it. Look for Ego Eram Reputo's plugin in the Plugin Section that uses what you are looking for. To use the color you want, select the color you desire, and then run the plugin.

Edit: Added link.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Fonts are rendered in PDN in the primary color. If you want to change the color of a font, the easiest way is to change the primary color.

If you're changing colors within a word, type the letters on separate layers, one layer for each different color. Select the layer, and then the letters and use the move tool :MoveTool: to shift the letters around.

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