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Suggestion - Symmetry Drawing tool

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Just a suggestion. I occasionally use another image editor for different effects and it recently implemented a symetry drawing tool. Basically what it does, is let you set a number of repetitions, a style of symmetry(circular, tiled, straight line, etc.) and then whenever you draw, with any tool, it copy's what you draw in real time based on the settings that you entered. I don't know how hard this would be to do, but it can give some really cool effects and it's fun to play with.


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Hm... something to make it symmetrical drawings easier to do would be great! I don't think it needs the realtime stuff (though that'd be cool ofc), but just a few more commands in the menus to make it easier.

For example it is quite annoying to click yourself all the way to "flip layer horizontally", and then again to "flip layer vertically", since they don't have any keyboard shortcuts :?

Also a few command allowing you to rotate a picture 180° around a point you can choose, or flipping it around a line you can choose.

Probably just a few more ideas for your could-be-implemented list :D :wink:

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