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[SOTW 27] Halloween - And the winner is...

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Signature of the Week 27

The Theme is: Halloween!

The results are in, congratulations to yy10, our SOTW 27 champion.


Congratulations also to competitors Skullsplitter and Sokagirl, who claimed second and third, respectively. It was a close competition!


Again thanks to everyone who voted, and even more thanks to everyone who participated. This was a record turnout, and you made it happen. :)

Hidden Content:
Halloweensig.png barbieq25's entry

halloween1sotw.png Zero#Hash's entry

Murraysotw27.png sokagirl's entry

29y5obk.jpg nemo's entry

766642093_5_ABZg.jpeg Aislin's entry

rhfjdjejdb.png [тωιѕт]'s entry

halloweenwe.png Axle's entry

halloweensigb.png Frontcannon's entry

skellingtonsig-2.png yy10's entry

sotw27.png Rubrica's entry

4038084390_fcfb540621_o.jpg Wilson's entry

4ad10bcd.png theonlychad's entry

Halloween_signature_SOTW_entry_by_SkullSplitterNr1.png SkullSplitter's entry

hallow.gif welshblue's entry

Jackskellington.png Kemaru's entry

halloweeny.png LJXD's entry

TearTheseMasksOff.png pablo.'s entry

4041257301_abda3dfddd_o.png Sharp's entry

hlwn.gif yellowman's entry

halloween.png olav.k.m's entry

Halloweensiggy.png Banana's entry

halloweensig1.jpg Midgetalien's entry

IronmummyPNGsmaller.png massive_frog2's entry

Good Lord that's a lot of entries. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

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First contest I'm joining here, yaay

Made some pics IN SL first, after that, I made a sig of it :wink:

lots of blur/smudge work, lol....

First the pics i made in SL:

Hidden Content:

and the final SIG!


So, sig is 100% made by me, including the used pics :wink:

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well, here's mine, there were no renders, or, C4D's used in the making of this sig. :twisted: hope you like it :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

>>EDIT>>i used a font to make the Skulls


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I thought I'd make one that sums up Halloween for me ... annoying :twisted:


No stocks, just my twisted head

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