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Image Types!

What is your favorite Image File?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Image File?

    • Jpeg
    • PNG
    • GIF
    • PDN
    • TIFF

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PDN for Paint.NET, JPEG and GIF for web applications (I will talk about how I choose later...), PNG for personal storage, and TIFF for Games.

JPEG and GIF: How I choose!

JPEG is for smooth, several colored images that have smooth gradations. JPEG has great compression for these smooth images, whereas GIF shows the dithering too much.

GIF is for sharp images with few colors; it can be used for perfect compression in some images; as for ones with a little more than can be compressed, it will dither out nicely.

I say TIFF is used for games because many games use it as a texture format. This is due to its nice compression of alpha, while it is still easy to read fairly fast.


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Rick, I did a search, and I couldnt get some of the wierd ones I was getting.

In a program called xfire, I was getting arabic letters with ALT 1666

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map

(if you have it installed)

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Arabic is a combining character language. And if you don't have support for combining characters, you must supply every possible combination. It's like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. support.

Back on topic: PNG does not work for web applications with large images!


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If you have a lot of web space like I do PNG works just fine.

As well it depends on the content of the image with what file type to use.

I got to say this in graphic design class..

I use Paint.NET, and I am proud to be able to make the same quality images you can!

Yay for Me!

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Yeah, but animated GIFs are usually overused on websites, and get annoying quickly. :wink:

I'm all about PNG, but since IE 6 can't handle 'em properly without much scripting help, and IE 7 won't work on Windows versions older than XP, I'll have to support IE 6 as long as users still use Win 2000.

JPG are great for large, complex images like photos. Using PNGs for photos is foolish, as with too many colors, they get huge. But for things like lineart, simple cell-shaded style images, or other such images with only a few colors in them, large images pixel-wise can still end up being smaller as PNG than JPG.

For instance, there's a logo I'm designing for someone. It's a cartoon style thing with limited colors. A 2480px X 3508px PNG is 653KB, where the same dimension JPG is 1.02MB.

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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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