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I need help on importing images into paint.net with higher resolution.

I frequently try and copy 300 dpi images into paint.net for editing. If I copy the image from another program, and try and paste it into a new file in paint, then the program already sets the size as that which I have copied--that's very handy. Problem is, it also sets the resolution at 96dpi, which is too low-res. If I change the dpi, however, then the size automatically gets smaller, even if I choose maintain aspect ratio.

Then, if I change the size back to the original size but with a higher resolution, it makes the "copy" image too small. I think I understand why--I have shrunk the dots of the image. Even so, I'm left to pull the image into the box free-hand where there is no guarantees that I haven't changed the aspect ration even slightly.

Is there a way to just set the default to 300 DPI? Or conversely, how do I get around this problem?


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Whenever you change the DPI, you are basically changing the number of pixels that are packed into an inch. If you have a 192 x 192 image at 96 dpi, you will get a 2 x 2 inch picture, hopefully. If you instead have that same 192 x 192 image at 300 dpi, it will shrink down to a bit over a half inch square. I would recommend opening up a new file, changing the resolution to 300 dpi, changing the size, in inches, to whatever you want. Finally, past in the picture and resize it accordingly. When resizing the image hold the SHIFT key in order to maintain the aspect ratio.


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