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Font Supersampling and Why .NET sucks for Font Rendering.

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Sparked from this and a bit of boredom, I took my first dive into antialiasing.

Here's the code, comments are few and far between so if you read this ask and I'll clarify. The algorithm sucks. Why? GDI+ renders the whole string at size*16 onto our surface and completely ignores boundary clipping until it actually goes to write the data, meaning in this case it would be much more resource-efficient (although a memory hog) to make one huge surface for it and sample from that. But this is designed around the assumption that I could find a rendering library that doesn't suck.

Anything blatantly obvious to you, point it out. This is more a coding exercise than anything to me--the results aren't worth publishing as it doesn't implement font hinting whatsoever. (Mainly 'cause I can't access those details through GDI+ anyway.)



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