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Is there a faster and easier way to highlight?

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I have a question I'm not that good at editing but I always mess around with my pictures and make them into black and white and leave another object in color.Usually I just use the magic wand and highlight what I want to keep in color but it takes so long and usually it is not perfect because it usually highlights part of the other picture that I dont want.I wanted to know is there a better way of highlighting just one object in the picture faster and easier?Thanks

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Have you taken a look at this thread yet?

Yea I did I know how to download them and have installed the plugin on paint.net but I cant really just highlight one object with Extractcolor if there is something else colored the same it is going to stay the same.I was looking to see if there was a plugin so I could just highlight or select one specific thing or object in a picture because the magic wand works but takes forever and it is not perfect sometimes it gets part of the other object I dont want.

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Try Alpha Masking. Excellent tutorials on alpha masking, by Crazy Man Dan, can be found here and here. You will have to download a plugin for this, but if I understand correctly installing plugins is no longer a problem for you. The way I would do it would be to create a mask of whatever object you want to keep colored, save the mask, go back to your original picture, duplicate the layer, run the Black and White adjustment on the top layer, then run your alpha mask on the top layer. It should come out looking the way you want it.

EDIT: Fixed broken URL tag - sorry about that.

Photobucket Sucks!

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