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What graphic tablets are compatible with PaintDotNet ?

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i'm new in the forum, and my first post is for a question.

i want to buy a graphic tablet, but in the shop i gone, sales assistant was not able to say me if their model are compatible with paint.net.

is somebody can recommand me some paint.net compatible brands and models of graphic tablet?

i'm not an expert, and i don't think to pay for more than 150 dollars ( 100 euros or pounds)

thanks in advance.

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i don't think it's a real good idea.

the shop have six models in my price bracket, i can't buy one after the other to try all.

and if i don't find any, i must buy one by internet, and i can make it even less.

that's because i posted here, i hope somebody can say me: " this model work", "this other model doesn't," and so on.


i took a look at the wacom website, and paint.net is not in their software atlas, but if you say it work, i believe you.

->Simon Brown

3.5 is a beta version. do you know if the pressure sensitivity is still missing?

and what model of graphic tablet do you use ( if you have one ), please?

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Rick is taking out pressure sensitivity in 3.5 because there is too many incompatibility isusses for him to have to deal with. The final release will not have pressure sensitivity.


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I use a Wacom Bamboo. If pressure sensitivity is going to be removed still, it is likely a good solution because a) its dirt cheap and B) you won't be missing out on the pressure sensitivity differences between the Bamboo and higher-end tablets.

Even if the compatibility problems are difficult, I wish we could retain support for some tablets rather than getting rid of pressure sensitivity for them all. Is that an option, or is it really all or nothing?

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I don't know if i am right or wrong to ask it here, just remove it when i have no rights to ask it here...

I am looking for a second handed tablet to draw... I do not have a lot of money, so a new one is too expensive for me, especially becouse i would like a good one, size of A5paper not smaller, may be bigger..

I have 50 Euro to spend... Who has an older one, which you never use becouse you have a new(better) one???

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I think you will still be able to draw with it... only the pressure option (hard soft pressure of the pen) will fall away... or am i wrong??

has someone on this forum experiences with the intuos3/4 with the size of A5?

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I don't use a tablet, but I've been considering getting one recently. The Wacom Bamboo seems a great budget option if you're buying new.

[edit]For those on a tiny budget the Genius G-pen 340 is a 3"x4" tablet that looks like a neat introductory model. [/edit]

In the second hand market you take your chances but it is possible to find barely used tablets at quite reasonable prices.

Note that pressure sensitivity IS being removed in 3.5 - for all tablets (viewtopic.php?p=277271#p277271) even though it is mentioned here: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/Features.html

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All tablets work with Paint.NET. The program will just treat them like a mouse input.


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