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Recolor tool using Alpha < 255 problem

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I am trying to recolour the white edging around a scanned image to transparent. I have tried this in both 3.36 and 3.5b3.

I have the secondary color as the near white I am trying to replace (with a tolerance of 25% at the moment). The primary colour is pure white with an alpha level of 0 (i.e. transparent).

When using the recolor tool, nothing seems to happen. I changed the primary colour to bright green at alpha=128 to see what was going on, and found that the alpha level was not being applied. My previous settings were essentially changing near-white to white so I did not notice the change!

Is there a way to change the alpha level of the recolor colour? I have tried the obvious method of making sure the alpha level is set in the Color window correctly. When using fill (or any other command) I get the transparent green, when using recolor I get solid green.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this a genuine bug? Or am I just a crazy fool?


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