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The Sharpen " EFFECT" (A Must Read)

Will you use this method to get intrigit designs for later projects?  

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  1. 1. Will you use this method to get intrigit designs for later projects?

    • Yes...
    • Maby

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hears something my freind found while expirementing with paint.net

Do this and you will se...

1. Create a blue background... (any size)

2. Create a Yellow Dot (2px) in the center of the page (does not have to be


3. Gaurrisin Blur the dot at a 36 pixel Radius

4. Sharpen the dot useing the strenght of "4"

5. Continue step 4 useing the "ctrl F" command, until you get an intrigit design...

NOte: Please expirement!!! hear are some things you can change


Dot Formations

Dot Sizes


Sharpen amount...

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add screenshots,

ok, i will add them when i get home...

a "no" poll option (why do you do polls?),

I was just wondering if anyone would use this method, and this is my first topic i made with a poll

and why did you say "a must read"?

because, it is, its something very odd, something i would have not have thought about...

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I was a little harsh, I apologize, I was in that mood, some people were really flaming one of my best friends on another forum...I shouldn't have brought it in here...

Well with the effect, why not just make the dot yourself and adjust its opacity and saturation?

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