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REQUEST: PaintNet 3.5 Plugins Forum

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Good Day Folks,

I have been using PaintNet 3.36 for some time and just love, recently I started using the 3.5 beta's and MAN ... LOOKING GOOD ! :D ... Just the way to make a Old Doodler Happy !!

But I have a Small request if it can be considered. Can a New Forum be created for PDN 3.5 Plugins where Plugins that are tested and operational with 3.5 be posted ? PLEASE ! I have been transfering some of my 3.36 ones over and as stated in the dev forum, not all work and some are being reworked now and are working. It would simply make it easier for us to Locate and get the latest & greatest for the new rev.

Thanks to EVERYONE, You Guys ROCK !

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All of my plugins work with Beta 3. In fact, most plugins still work fine with Beta 3.

For the few that don't, just look in the beta forum for updates until the final release of PdN 3.5. Once the final release of that happens, the plugin forum will be where you should look for updated plugins.

So, you see, there is no need for a new forum.

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