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How to add a picture to another one in 10 easy steps!

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This is my first tut so I'm sorry if it's a little shabby. :oops:

The good part is, it doesn't require any plug-ins at all!

1. Open the two images you want to combine.


2. If there is a background on one of them and you don't want it there, then select the whole image and deselect the background.


3. Copy then paste the image in a new layer onto the other one.


4. Change the new layer's transparency level as you wish.


5. If there is a flat line, let's say at the bottom of the image where it got cut off, select that part using the free-hand select tool.


6. Open up the effects menu and click Distort and click the :FrostedGlass: Frosted Glass effect.


7. Set the levels to whatever you think looks best for that image.


8. Deselect the image.

9. Flatten the image. (Unless you want to add more images to it, then repeat steps 1-8)


10. Enjoy your new combined image!


Here are those finished products I was telling you about:




I hope you all enjoyed my Tutorial!

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You should take a look at the tutorial posting guidelines, available here: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=26921 - specifically, look at rules 5, 5a, and 6. I like your style, and you'll be great someday, but stick around a while before you try tossing a tutorial out there. :-) Thanks.

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