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Button Tutorial


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Hello, this is my first tutorial. :)

Tools needed;

Align Object

Drop Shadow

Outline Object

1) Open a new canvas 200x75 and fill the Background layer with pink.


2) Select the color you want to use for the button and select the rounded rectangle tool (draw filled shape).

3) Make a rounded rectangle starting from 20x20 ending at 180x55.

4) Align Object middle center.


5) Outline object with the following settings;

Radius - 5

Strength - 2

R -255

G - 255

B - 255

6) Drop Shadow with these settings;

Offset X - Default

Offset Y - Default

Widening Radius - Default

Blur Radius - Default

Shadow Opacity - 168

R - 0

G - 0

B - 0


7) New layer name it "Glass"

8 ) Make your primary color white and draw a rounded rectangle "Draw Filled Shape" Start at 25x25 end at 175x35.

9) Make the glass layer transparency 100.

10) Select "Main Button" and start a new layer (it should now be between Glass and Main button) name this layer "Shadow"

11) Choose the ellipse select tool start at 20x60 end at 190x35.

12) Hit Ctrl+I and choose the Paint Bucket tool, primary color black and filled the selection with black.


13) Select the main button layer and click the part with the color you chose in the beginning with Magic Wand, hit Ctrl+I.

14) Select the shadow layer and hit Del.

**There may be a little sliver of black on the bottom corners, choose the eraser tool and erase these little slivers**

15) Repeat step #13 except do not hit Ctrl+I.

16) Select shadow layer and Gaussian blur at 18.

17) Delete the Background layer, add a new layer above the Shadow layer and below the glass layer for your text.

18) Add your text and flatten the image.


19) You're done!

Finished Product;


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Someone with an interest in the subject and some spare time should create the thread. It's not hard to come up with a handful of guidelines to keep posters on track :wink:

Anyone offering?

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Nah don't doubt yourself beta your a budding artist and your work is always improving. I am however good at writing things :D. I do have a technique that i use to make buttons as well though :D


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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