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I'm lost with layers

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Forgive me.... again! if I have this all wrong. It could be that I see what

snowbird955 is asking.

Its the "working with layers" and the layers drop down menu box that has been very confusing to me,

not behaving anything like the layers I have used in other unrelated applications.

Not that it should do, though. My questions are....

When in a new image, the default and only layer is the "Background" ?

If I then go back and "Add a new layer", I can do that, and name it...... is it current ?

I could not find anything that could help me know what layer was current or not.

As there is no checkbox or anything to say, just the name, and all the layers i create always seem to have the background image

showing, this is confusing.

Should I manually make the background image invisible the whole time I am working with individual layers....

It would be nice to have a little drop down menu that list all the layers present, clicking

on one makes it active with whatever parameters are set/checked for it at the time.....

Would it be possible, when creating or using a layer, to set it to "current" if required, with the display of that layer then showing only whats on it if that option is checked? ie over riding the Background layer unconditionally turning it off..?

It would be nice to have some features or indicators within the layers menu that could be checked/set, that over ride other existing layers, un checking them would enable the reverse.

Sorry if I have lost the plot again, I am not complaining in any way :oops:

Accessing the finished image involves saving it, if it is to be an animated gif file, then you save as, an agif file, going and manually changing the file extension from agif to gif....when you want to run it in Quicktime viewer.

This gets around some techy stuff i haven't a clue about, but it works.... Double clicking it should get it running in Quicktime player !

To access the file again and edit it within PaintNet, the extention needs to be changed back again to agif.... I think! :oops:


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Hello Flip,

You are NOT kidding!

I have the layer properties dialogue box open, and the layer named is visible,

is it current? Are there other layers and if so how many? It would be useful to manage them....

Yes I have read the guide, again and again.....

Yes, Layers are a hugely vital part of building images I should imagine. Forgive me, but if this is the layers control box you are talking about, I am amazed.

Its got virtually nothing in it, to control any aspect of a layer at all, other than its name and whether its visible or not, and mode.

There doesn't seem to be referencing to any other layers while I am in there.

I have turned off the background layer visibility, but it keeps popping back up on other layers.

Having to type in the/any layer name I have added above the background is becoming a real pain.....

I do apologise if I am off course by miles :oops: Maybe I am knackered today, I was up all night trying to get to grips with it.

I have found the Window > show layers...... Thankyou for that, hopefully it will get me going in the right direction.

Peter :shock: :D

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I have the layer properties dialogue box open, and the layer named is visible,

is it current? Are there other layers and if so how many? It would be useful to manage them....

If it's visible, it means you can see it in the normal image. Current? If you mean selected, a layer is selected when in the window, it's blue.


In that image, layer 3 is "current" or "selected." Do you see the check mark next to it? If it's checked, it means you can see it.

For any other problems you have, I have no idea how to help you because it's just.. simple. :shock:

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