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Noobs Designs(Gallery)


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If you dont want this post here admin you can deleted it.

This is a bunch of experiments and goofy/noob design i made. im sure other noobs can post there pics. All in good fun though, of course some constructive criticism is needed.

here we go...

There was a lot of texture i used in this one, i just try a bunch of different effects.

Hidden Content:

Yea, i thought it looked cool, but i got a weird taste. Too much freetime too.

This was really fun to make and now to look at, its my rending of a galaxy.

Hidden Content:

So far so gold the next three are stuff i looked up how todo and created myself, step by step.

the rest of the ones i have are real basic..... but im going to stop at the next three. i will post more and make more, if allowed.

This one i just created, i was having some trouble with the pupil/paneling.

Hidden Content:

This was fun too...

Hidden Content:

I did this one with clouds, easy real easy. No i did not use the fire render plugin, bah.


Thanks! I'll post more later, need some good feedback.

Heres my shop too: http://www.skreened.com/atomik

Would you guys be so kindly as to give me some tips on my shirts and apperal. :D.

Edit: Wanted to add one more here it is, its a sig for my WoW guild.


Yea i had a lot of fun doing this one. yea.



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I think your stuff is kinda basic...made by tuts, you know...

But even though it looks pretty well done....

most great things come from learning so don't be too uppity on yourself :P ...

back to the topic at hand...

Your work is good for a beginning. May i suggest you try some of the more advanced tutorials you will be surprised at what you will learn. Keep it up i can see potential coming from your work.

The sig is by far your best. Try changing the color of the top part to a light blue and adjust the transparency of it. The background is a very nice abstract but i think it would look better if you ran the glass blocks plugin over it then added text on another layer.

Moreover don't let people knock ya down just keep up the great work. If you try what i suggest make sure you pm me so i can see your results :D


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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