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Color Fill?

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I don't believe there is such thing as a Color Fill plugin, however you can achieve this effect quite easily using one of the shape tools :RoundedRectangleTool: . Just draw your selection using one of the selection tools :RectangleSelectTool: , and then (with the mode set to Draw Filled Shape with Outline :ShapeBoth: - top left of screen) click and drag over the selection.

Make sure you check out the help file (F1 while in Paint.NET or here) before posting questions on the forum.

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Can someone please tell me where to download this plugin????????????????

Three things.

1) Stop using so many question marks, ok???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

One is plenty. Excessive questions marks is obnoxious. You are not paid a commission on how many you use.

2) Bumping your post after 20 minutes is considered very rude. In addition, you reposted the entire thread after 15 minutes. Why're you so impatient? Do you think we're just sitting around hoping that you'll post so that we can answer? Constantly reposting your question will not get it answered sooner. Lack of answer is not an indication that you are being ignored.

3) Please learn how to use a search engine. http://searchpaint.net and http://www.bing.com and http://www.google.com are your friends.

You should go and read the rules before posting again. You can find them here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 (it's also a big link at the top of every page)

Thread Closed

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